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Solar LED Basketball Hoop
Solar LED Basketball Hoop
Solar LED Basketball Hoop
Solar LED Basketball Hoop
Solar LED Basketball Hoop

Solar LED Basketball Hoop

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    • It lights up the rim of your basketball hoop every time you score, with up to one hundred unique light patterns.
    • This is the world's very first sensor-activated LED strip designed to attached to any basketball hoop. What makes It unique as a basketball entertainment product is that it accurately provides exciting and vibrant instant-feedback to players when they score a basket!
    • Encourages Physical Activity
    • Pulls Kids Away From Their Smartphones
    • Extends Playing Time Into The Night
    • Amplifies passion for basketball
    • Makes Playing Alone & with friends More Fun!

    • Quick Installation-Setup on any hoop just like a basketball net!
    • Weather Proof-Highly resistant to change in moisture, precipitation, temperature and UV rays. Proofed for outdoor durability.
    • High Quality & Durable-Withstands impact from the shooting. We create each it with great care in order to provide our customers with the best possible experience.
    • Positive Reinforcement-Bored of shooting by yourself? Get this now and turn your basketball hoop into your personal arcade to experience this new basketball sensation. Play alone or with friends. You will never want to stop shooting!

    Packing list:

    • 1pcs*  Solar LED Basketball Hoop light strip
    • 1pcs* sensor

     Solar LED Basketball Hoop


    Question:Is it Waterproof?

    Answer:Yes, It is waterproof and UV resistant. It is an outdoor all-weather product. Once you set it up you can leave it up for as long as you like without worry!

    Question:Will the light strip survive the ball hitting the rim over and over again?

    Answer:Yes! It was designed with a reinforced light strip so it can take repeated impact from the ball without breaking. However, don't purposely try to break it!

    Question:Is it Easy to Setup?
    Answer:Yes! You can set it up under 2 minutes! It's So Easy.

    Question:Was it Designed to avoid interfering with the ball when a basket is made?

    Answer:Yes!It was designed to stay completely out of the ball's way so you can still experience the perfect swish. The dynamic of the bounce on the rim is exactly the same as before!

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