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Magic Pocket Staff
Magic Pocket Staff
Magic Pocket Staff
Magic Pocket Staff
Magic Pocket Staff

Magic Pocket Staff

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Carry around the Pocket Staff to ensure your safety and self-defense or just for fun! It extends from 2'(5cm) to 5' or 110 cm in a matter of seconds. With its concealable form, you can silently pop out this bo-staff whenever you are in danger!

☑️ Stainless Steel Build. The Pocket Staff is 110cm of high-grade stainless steel which can be used for martial arts movements/training effectively.

☑️ Lightweight and Telescopic Portability. This Pocket Staff is extremely concealable at its 2"(5cm) closed length. Carry it around wherever you go to stay protected.

☑️ One-Touch System. Simply press the bottom button to unlock and release the staff. Point the staff away from your face and body to ensure it comes out safely.

✔️Easy to conceal and retract when ready
✔️Stainless Steel Build (110 cm)
✔️Lightweight Portability
✔️One Touch System

Easily put back the Pocket Staff into its small form by twisting and pushing it down, locking it with the top pin.


  • 1 x Magic Pocket Staff

It's also a classic magic trick props, easy to learn and convenient to carry around, after you master it, the effect is pretty awesome.